GALLERY PART SEVEN - 1970s photos & anecdotes
courtesy Diana Krajkeman

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Alex Priest & Matthew Rees (Top Floor Class March '70)

Isaac Moylahan & The Late Simon Leroy (Top Floor Class March '70)

Elizabeth ??

Stella, Sheffique, Ana, Isaac, Jenny Williams, Matthew & Alfred
Regent's Park Last Day of School '71

Ana, Isaac, Matthew Rees & Stella - Last Day of School '71

Matthew, Ana, Mrs Blythe, Stella, Isaac - Last Day of School '71

Matthew & Stella - Last Day of School '71

Mahmoud, Jed.

Andy Lubin & Lindy Rappaport (c1968)

Lynn Breskel, Andy & Diana (c1968)

Stella and Ana

Diana, Jed, Caroline Willing, Chris Lawrence, Robin Rowe
Why we were dressed up? Can't remember. Must have been a great date!!? Did we really wear our skirts so short?

Poker in the Sun, Diana, Kevin, Alfred Nathan, Julian

Poker in the Sun, Kevin, Alfred Nathan

Alex Priest

Matthew Rees & Peter??

Diana & Lynn Breskel

Ana & Kenneth Johnson

Matthew, Alex, Peter, Mick, Diana (Big Mouth)

Diana, Mick, Robin Powe
Those summer uniforms were so unflattering.

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Thanks to Diana for providing these photos and notes.
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