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The collection of photos below were kindly contributed by Michael Hall via John Morrison
The first two photos date from 1947 and the rest are 1948 and were taken my Michael at St Mary's Stanford Hall
I start with his covering letter, and conclude some of his excellent paintings

John Morrison: "Here's Michael Hall's letter. He has good things to say about the school. he seemed to be pleased to have his thoughts about the school then put up on the website. Unfortunately he does not have email, but his daughter can pick up emails for him at"

John Morrison: "Michael was a friend of mine at Stanford Hall, and contacted me earlier this year. He lives near Pembroke in Wales. He sent me a long letter and said to put the photos up on the website. The people are named in the file names. I remember them all except for Wendy Burk. I shall send you more, paintings by Michael. Mr (Leslie) Fairchild was an influential and popular member of staff at the time - I remember he introduced school sports and cricket."

John Colton

Robert Bacharach

Guides' Camp

Henry Hartley

Jean Bennett

Jean Bennett & Len Fairchild

John Cameron

Michael Hall

Michael Hall and John Cameron

Michael Hall riding

Michael K Hall

Mr Leslie Fairchild

Peter Welch, Monty dog, Henry Hartley

Sally Walker

Solly Michael Hall's dog

Stanford Hall

Stanford Hall Buildings

From Top of Cedar Tree

Tony Roland

Twinkle in foal

Unknown Wendy Burk Evelyn Bacharach

Wendy Burk

Wendy Burk

Wendy Burk

Zuleika Dobson

John Morrison: "I remember everybody there except Wendy Burk, who was Michael's girlfriend. Twinkle the pony is there - my sister Val sent you some photos of her already. Sally Walker and Tony Roland were friends of mine. There is Zuleika Dobson (named after the character in Max Beerbohm's book, no doubt), and Henry Hartley, and John Cameron, and Mr Fairchild."

Wendy Burk & Michael Hall by Michael Hall 1948

Wendy Burk & Michael Hall by Michael Hall 1948

Stanford Hall and Park 1948 by Michael Hall (with known names included)

John Morrison: "Paintings by Michael K. Hall. You can just read the names Michael wrote in the margins of the Stanford Hall painting. Includes Mr & Mrs Paul in the middle. Named are Evelyne Masson-Forestier up a tree on the left, Mike (Hall) and Wendy Burk front left, then Jean Bennett with dog, Sally Walker (red hair), Elisabeth Paul & Higgy, Les Fairchild, other not named. Other two paintings are Michael Hall collecting Wendy Burk from the station on his bike - she was from the USA."

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