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Town and Country School - The class of 1972

The photos/narrative below were contributed by Karen Freund:

Hi Norman,

It's been almost three years since I discovered your T&C website and posted a message to the guestbook, and yet still no one has written in to admit that I was the long-lost love of his life, had he only had the nerve to tell me so all those years ago... heavy sigh.

Best regards,

Karen Freund - Algonquin, IL, USA (T&C Upper Forms 1-2, 1972-1974)

A photo of me and my brother, Merrill Freund, in 1972, most likely on our first day of school at T&C, in the rented flat in Devonshire Mews West that we lived in when we first moved to London. I was just 10, my brother was 7. I don't know that he ever wore that cap again.

I'm not sure of all the names in the rest of the photos... the two girls alone are Amanda Donohoe and Debra Leci. I believe the boy in the other photo of Mandy and Debra is Robert Hilliker, but I might be remembering wrong. I think he was an American.

Finally, we have a photo in which you can actually see some of the exterior wall of the school. As for who is in the photo... standing on the bench, left to right, Robert Hilliker (if I've got that name right), Amanda Donohoe, Abbe Hart, Debra Leci, Robert Schubert. The boy next to the bench on the far right might be my brother Merrill. The other two... I'm afraid I don't remember.

I hope these are of some use to you. Unfortunately, the only day I brought a camera to school was towards the end of my time there, when we knew our family was leaving England and moving on to Yugoslavia - and for some reason the photos I've sent along are the only three photos I took (that was in summer 1974, incidentally).

Thank you again for your website!

All the best,


The photos/narrative below were contributed by Mike Baess:

There’s something about 1972 that stands out more than any other year at Town and Country for me. Perhaps it was being 15 – the magical mid-teen coming of age with a world suddenly just opening up. Perhaps it was because the year was such a brilliant one for pop music. Or perhaps it was that fantastically long summer that went on and on and on and knowing we would be leaving our alma mater soon that created such an impression. There was a real camaraderie and it was just great fun for a change going to school. Anyway, a new craze started that year for those of us that walked back to Swiss Cottage tube station after school – trying to cram as many of us, in true student style, into the ‘Photo Me’ passport picture booth. The photos feature an assortment of characters from the fourth and fifth forms - Graham Grumi, Gary Bolton and Joel Arnoni. As I was clearing out stuff from my attic the other day I found these photos which brought back such vivid memories of days gone by. These were the photos that I kept. But literally scores were taken as we kept feeding the machine the then seemingly extortionate 20p. Perhaps there are other photos out there, as this craze caught on with the form below as well.

Top row

Mike Baess Graham Grumi (back)
Gary Bolton Joel Arnoni (front) 

Gary Bolton and Mike Baess
Gary Bolton and Mike Baess
Middle Row
Graham Grumi Gary Bolton (back)
Mike Baess Joel Arnoni (front)
Mike Baess and Gary Bolton
Mike Baess and Gary Bolton
Bottom Row
Mike Baess Graham Grumi
Gary Bolton (front) 
Mike Baess and Gary Bolton
Mike Baess and Gary Bolton

During my search I also found two rare photos of Neil Fader and Sheff Omar.

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