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The photos below were contributed by Vincent Young, and were taken c1966
His accompanying letter is included:

1st April 2006
Dear Norman,

How are you? As one old boy to another, I'm impressed by the school website which is remarkably well documented and easily navigable too. Well done. Top of the class!

Do you remember when we last saw each other in the playground; July 1966, I think it was, and I promised to send these photos as soon as they were ready? Well, here they are at last. Sorry for the delay but it has taken longer than expected to get them developed. If it hadn't been for the extra sixpence Boots were charging for their optional Pronto-Print service, they might have reached you sooner.

Since they already appear in your photo gallery, no doubt you will recognise these pictures of Melanie King...

John O'sullivan ...


Joshua Thomas ...

and of course our own Webmaster shown, in one typical pose (!) hanging upside-down, appropriately enough perhaps.
(place mouse on picture for easier viewing)

Paul Vaughn and Majid (together) were caught off-guard,
studying the illustrated edition of La Fontaine's Batman - they said it was afterwards..?
Upon reflection, all at the time were posing though unwittingly, for Posterity!!

Another Shot of The Webmaster being entertaining with a button.

My time at T&C began when I joined Mrs Salisbury's class of '63 and ended in the summer of 1966, and in common with other ex-pupils, my memories of those days are vivid. In particular, life as a boarder when we shared the boys' dormitory along with several others, and when at one time Anna Grimes was briefly but memorably, our House-Mother, at the tender age of 17 years old, I believe.

A few random fragments of school life that I recall to add to the collective montage of memories are: music classes with Mr Neville spent, in part, listening to Les Swingle Singers doing Jazz Sebastian Bach: successfully learning numbers in German through playing Bingo, with Ms Haak: less successfully learning French despite watching regular episodes of Notre Ville on TV. , numerous slide shows of La Fontaine's fables, AND constant conjugation of verbs in bewildering variations of form and tense: - Subjunctive, Infinitive, Imperfect, Pluperfect, Past Historic, Past Imperfect, Future Improbable, et al: oh, and not forgetting Tiki & Taki, les deux petits ours!

Outside of the classroom, as boarders we quite often visited the local library where John O' Sullivan and I would read all of the available books by Ian Fleming and Arthur Conan Doyle with great enthusiasm, and we swam regularly in the new and excellent pools which were situated in the same building complex. I can still see Melanie King diving fearlessly from the high board, straight and slim in her red bathing suit, while we watched somewhat in awe from the shallow end.

Incidentally, two names missing from the ex-pupils' register are, David Benalisha (?) whom I remember singing in a school concert or play, a song from which I only recall this one haunting refrain: "Angels ever bright and fair, take o' take me to your care," ('twas very moving) and Lal-a-gee, pronounced in that way, I think, though my spelling is suspect, and her surname I'm afraid I have forgotten altogether.

I hope these photos will reach you safely through the medium of cyber-space which is rather an alien environment to me, at least. As a precaution I shall mark this e-mail 'Do Not Bend 'in bold letters! All the best, Vincent

It's Wonderful to hear from you, Vincent after all these years
Your pix might be 40 years late, but very much aprreciated
(I have added your photo below to compliment those above which you have sent.)

Perhaps, 40 years on, we can write about the infamous burning down of the boarding department at 31 Glenloch Road, now can we Vincent!? :-)

Kindly Supplied by the Author Nikolai Tolstoy (see guestbook)

Are there any other T&C works of art out there, we could put into the gallery?

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