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The first four are courtesy Joshua Thomas
and the remainder were taken in May 2005, by your webmaster when I visited Hedgerley Wood for the first time in nearly forty years.

Joshua Thomas and Susie Rappaport c1964

Norman Barrington and Joshua Thomas in the photo booth at Swiss Cottage, Joshua was trying out expressions c1962

Joshua as he looked just after he left Town & Country c1968

A rare photo of Nancy Weatherall at Hedgerley Wood standing on the upper middle lawn
with her two stunning Borzois; Sabre (L) & his mother Anna (R) c1966
Also in her arm, is her beloved runt of a dog, whose name I forget, but whom she carried around with her wherever she went

A Picture taken at the same spot in May 2005

The Open Air Theatre

Yours Truly, Norman Barrington sitting in the open air theatre

General View of front of the house, from the lower lawn

The Swimming Pool

The Rear of the House from the upper middle lawn

The North of the House from the Drive

The Front of the House from the lower middle lawn

The Main Gate still sports the spelling error

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